Dunbar Photography, as a business was started with the sole intention of "quality first". This was, and still is our main goal. Shortly after starting our business a new studio was built in Woodlawn and remained our primary location for many years.In December of 2014 we built a new studio in Mt. Vernon Illinois and is our current location. Dunbar Photography is a husband & wife team. We feel this is the best approach for almost any photographic situation. Jay Dunbar is a self taught photographer that learned his craft backwards,in the darkroom. Jay performed several years of darkroom work before he ever picked up a camera. From the knowledge gained in the darkroom it was just a natural transition to actually start creating images with a camera. This "backwards approach" has been instrumental in the fine tuning of his photography as Jay has a complete understanding of the entire process of image making, from image capture to printing.Twana Dunbar, along with her vast office management skills and her ability to work with people will make your entire experience with Dunbar Photography very positive.

We offer a full service, full time studio that can handle most any photographic situation. We also offer you a full service frame shop with lots of frame molding choices, matting, glass and professional design help.From antique restoration, simple color photography, black & white photography, hand tinted black & whites, to one of a kind watercolor originals, we will totally please you. Rest assured we are totally committed to provide you with the highest level of customer service and the highest quality products that you deserve. With over a thousand weddings and thousands of portrait settings under our belt, we have the experience to handle about anything.If you have any questions or would like to set up a portrait session, please give us a call at: (618 735-2908) or email us at: dunbarphoto@frontiernet.net as we would love to hear from you.

We realize there are thousands of photographers to choose from and we appreciate you considering us.

Thank you for looking.

Jay & Twana Dunbar